Team-Building Masterminds


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The program is based on my book the PachaMamArt Encyclopedia and can be customized in every field possible: Health, Engineering, Energy Healing, Sacred Geometry…

For a program with the Military, for example we could focus more on Science and Energy Transition to renewable power, Symbolism and Communication, as follow:

For a family group, we would focus on Cultural Symbolism and Health Remedies on the first two days, or create a fashionable design while arguing about politics and planning the next Presidential elections. Or simply exchange cooking recipes and take time to reflect on our superpowers, but also on our hearts and mindsets.

For a group of researchers and Hermetic teachings advocates, we could discuss prophecies and paint shamanic mandalas with the Chakana (Inca cross) or Buddhist Zen stuff. It really is as open as our imagiNation can be!

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