As many of you know, I’ve been through it! Divorce, financial catastrophe, social desert, I mean, who would take advice from me? But I’m still here trying to make it and maybe I can avoid you some struggles by skipping a few painful parts in the journey. I have actually been testing all these cool stuff so you don’t have to, lol. So, this is a new series on random topics to guide you through different situations, perspectives and solutions.

Intro Session

Relationships – Diet – Life Values


Episode 1:

What MEN need to know before they have a baby. 


Episode 2:

How to get a divorce without spending thousands on a lawyer


Episode 3:

How to be the best, sweetest army general MUM:


Episode 4:

Winging it! 


Episode 5:

Memory Imprints


Episode 6:

Reflections on society riots – Gun laws and abortions


Episode 7:

On the prophecies


Episode 8:

The World is OURS – Rise in Love


Episode 9

Financial Survival – part 1


Episode 10:

Financial Survival 2


Episode 11

Karma is real


Episode 12

About Narcissists


Episode 13:

Religions and Sabotage


Episode 14:

My recipe for Success

Episode 15:

The Success Loop

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