Key of Hearts

This is an amazing artwork that I painted especially for Matías De Stefano, just before going to Egypt for the Yo Soy 2022 event. The least we can say is that our encounter was life-changing and emotional, each day magical, poetic and inspirational.

Thank you for these incredible moments, Angelito! Congratulations for all your achievements and a sincere thank you to the Fundación Arsayian for organizing such beautiful event. And to all of you for allowing me to film everything so the world and us can remember it forever!!

This series shows the painting process this new version of the Metatron’s Cube, “Key of Hearts”, from Day 1 until the event itself, Yo Soy 2022, The Movie. I can’t even believe I found such incredible soul family and friends, as well as amazing content for my website. Gratitude, Love, Truth and Success!!

Episode 1:

Episode 2: Preparing for Egypt

Episode 3: About Perfectionism

Episode 4: Painting description

Episode 4: Extract

Episode 5:

Episode 6: Crushing Drama

Episode 7: Pyramid’s view

Episode 8: Podcast:

Happy Birthday Tony Robbins:

Episode 9: Back from Egypt! 

Introduction Yo Soy Movie:

Yo Soy 2022, The Movie:

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