The Angel Pack

This is a very special video series that I recorded and not showed to anybody, because there are many of my secrets here, private stories, that I wanted to keep for people who really show interest in my art and those topics, and sell it to them with a full gift box of Magic Wand, crystals and oracles. However, nobody bought it so, I might as well send it back to the world! If you landed here, maybe you’ll find some interesting facts and ideas. Enjoy!



Introduction from St Pete, Florida: 


Episode 1: About Telepathy


Episode 2: Library Session and Karmic Memories Transmutation


Garden Party with my Angels:


Episode 3: News report, Full Moon, World Peace, Channeling


Episode 4: Reveal the Truth


My first E.T. Contact in 2015


Episode 5: What’s going on?


Episode 6: About crocodiles

Episode 7: Gratitude Release


Episode 8: Alchemy


Episode May the 4th


Episode 10: Vooday Day


Episode 11: Go Vegan


Episode 12: Parallel Worlds


Episode 13: About Collective Programming


Episode 14: Life path and Numerology – part 1


Episode 15: Life Path and Numerology – part 2


Episode 16: On the prophecies


Episode 17: Happy Birthday Chiefs


Episode 18: The Nuclear Hunt


Episode 19: Mirror Mirror and Paradise

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