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Dear friends and family, Welcome! 

You might be here because you saw one of my paintings and I’m so happy you made it! There are many persons and topics that inspire me to create Mandalas and colorful designs. I have also always loved reading and writing, so I will be posting here articles about my favorite people, books, experiences and inspirations, in the hope for us to connect some pieces of the beautiful puzzle together. I feel lucky to be able to say that I have an extraordinary life of travels and great souls encounters in many dimensions, and if you are here, you are one of them. Thank You! Let’s create a colorful and peaceful world <3 Love <3

The first article I want to share today is called “When Art meets Science”. Introducing you to some of the researchers, geniuses and healers that brought meaning into my life, not only for mandala art but for the art of life, hoping that you will find great inspiration with them and learn more about the mysteries of the universe. The Resonance Science Foundation is a team of scientists, explorers, mathematicians, astrophysicists, archeologists and, most importantly, friends, who will amaze you with their courses, conferences, documentation and Q&A sessions online in about 80 countries. Click on the image below to read the article and also make sure to subscribe to their Amazing Academy! 


Back in Time: “We are One”

Woww, I just experienced a time loop to land on this page. One of the books that influenced my life, my choices and passions. When I was living in England, I was an adept supporter of Survival International who has been bringing awareness about indigenous populations all around the world, so I got this gorgeous book that I have been keeping all along. They made me want to discover new lands and culture with my own heart and eyes. I can’t wait to start my new library presentation and bring back these books to the spotlight! 

“From Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit, there came a great unifying life force that flowed in and through all things – the flowers of the plains, blowing winds, rocks, trees, birds, animals – and was the same force that had been breathed into the first man. Thus all things were kindred, and were brought together by the same Great Mystery”. 

Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Lakota Sioux, USA

Extract from:

Now, before we take off for a world tour, it is important that I tell you a couple of things from my story. You see, traveling around the world is absolutely fantastic, makes you even more of a dreamer, an adventurer admiring beauty and colors, and also… a foreigner. Yes, when you need to start over and over, meeting new friends and neighbors, you learn to adapt and start looking at your own culture and habits differently, the world becomes your mirror, from the things you admire, to your most unexpected triggers. Not always easy to be the newbie, yet I was lucky to read a book in my college years that has greatly helped my perception and understanding of our behaviors and society. When Professor Goracci, who was exceptional, gave us a list of masterpieces to choose from by great anthropologists and we heard “The Hidden Dimension” by Edward T. Hall, this immediately rang a bell!!

So we wrote an extensive SUMMARY of this book regrouping all the ideas and concepts in a flowing order. For the Power Point version, you can click here. Even though it was written in 1966, and the world has evolved since then, it is still a very relevant source to read, MAINLY in these times when social distancing is a mainstream topic, realizing that this term was invented a long time ago, and explained from its source to its consequences on our human relationships, urban landscape and architecture. Very interesting! (It’s in French by the way). If I was to give you right now one of the most important intakes from this book, that I remember all the time when being confused by others, to give me a better understanding, is that the scale for our intimate, personal, social and public distance and the use of our senses can vary from one individual to another, and that is absolutely normal. Most likely, it depends on our culture and origins, and I would say nowadays, on our sensitivity to energies that are getting higher in frequency! There is a deep spiritual meaning linked to it, with a direct effect on our biology. This can be at every level. For example, a European could feel overwhelmed in a British office where everything is open, and an American could feel suspicious in a European workplace where we need to work more with closed doors to feel safe and focused. Another example, one thing that surprised me when I arrived in the US, was the absence of terrasses in front of the restaurants, with closed windows and Air Conditioning, while in France we usually walk around more and enjoy spending our free time at the café and outdoors. Everything seemed to work backwards and I’m still not used to it. The A/C is actually one of my main concerns when it come to attending social life. I rarely go to theatres, shopping or even restaurants because I can’t stand the cold, mostly if the weather is wonderful outside. These might seem tiny insignificant details, yet in the long-run, understanding this can influence positively our habits as well as the harmony and trust of the communities working together. An overcrowded space can generate enzymes of stress that explains our fluctuating emotions! On the same theory, I would imagine that a continuously empty space could lower the social interest and involvement because we all need that stamina, and adrenaline to generate energy like it happened with the pandemic, encouraging us to find online solutions, as well as reconnect with ourselves and Nature. For the environment, this slowing down of society was indeed a time of regeneration! When we went to the Lerins Islands, in the Bay of Angels, in the summer 2020, it was actually the first time of our life that we saw dolphins there. They came to see us along the boat, that was truly incredible and magical! We live in a co-creative universe after all! Once we see and identify the cause of our health and feelings, it then helps us to recognize and predict our patterns, recenter and harmonize. Going from the microcosm to the cosmic picture again! So this is a very important documentation to have! The body translates our thoughts, so when it manifest an exceptional element, it has probably been around you at the energetic level long before you noticed it. Aviva Jill Rom’s books (later on this page) are EXCELLENT to understand the emotional origins of our illnesses and bring holistic remedies. My experience with Art and the study of geometry in the structure of our DNA itself also reveals so much about us!! I explain all this in my MASTERMINDS!!

“Travel Inspirations”

I have had the chance to travel to many of the most wonderful and sacred places in the world. Wether it was for work or vacation, I have always been fascinated by Nature, the history and traditions that gives us the keys to build the world we want to gift to the next generations. Click on the image to access these original e-books!! Click on the image to access the library:


“Project Next and the Digital Product System”

by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins

Where to start with these Angels? Have you ever met people that have such an intense energy that you can barely find words for it? Because they read your mind, have been through the same experiences and beyond, have such great hearts that they work every day of their lives to influence yours, and are Master Healers who also know how to kick your butt to become the best version of yourself… Please let me introduce you to my mentors Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. I am in absolute love with these people and you will too when you meet these LEGENDS, because they are so connected to the collective consciousness that if you are here right now, it is a message for you to hear this! We are connected through space and time. It is very important to understand this because in this journey, you will alchemize the experiences of your younger self into a fast track for others towards new goals, passions and abilities. When you are in the presence of a healer, you automatically receive the energy of all the work they have processed, giving you all the capacities for success. Then, when the training is THE BEST on the planet, you literally have a team of angels above your shoulder guiding you every step of the way to create your life path. I am impressed every day! This video was recorded in France during the Art Riviera Tour Exhibition in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, this is my advancement and presentation for the World Summit 2021 about their new training Project Next that is FANTASTIC: 


In the new Angel Pack, I share with you my greatest inspirations, crystals and oracles! I am so proud to be with you on this journey, Thank You! You can find all my painting classes on Mastermind.com 🙂  See all the program details here!

The Mother Earth Mandala Oracle

Would you like to learn how to paint super energetic mandalas? Are you looking to redecorate your home with original art, or make a gift to someone precious? There is Art for every Heart in my store, from colorful mugs to original artworks, high-quality prints, or interior design collections. Also, I am so grateful that the Mother Earth Mandala Oracle has just been awarded with the Golden Award for Visionary Arts, a prestigious award in the Mind Body Spirit community. I am so honored and happy!! Thank you to everyone who voted, got the oracle and of course to my publisher U.S. Games Systems


 Natural Remedies

While I’m here, there is also a must-have for all the pregnant women in the world: The Natural Pregnancy book, and Naturally Healthy Babies and Children by Aviva Jill Romm. This book was recommended to me by an herbalist (Maypop Herbal shop) in New Orleans. There, I learnt that 3 must-have tinctures or supplements to have ALL the time are Echinacea (for the immune system), St-John’s Worth (for the muscles, it can help with Sciatica for example that is very difficult to heal, it lowers anxiety and blood pressure), and ARNICA oil that is absofunkilutely magical when your child gets hurt. I’m telling you this because I had no idea until I myself went through it and these naturals potions have changed my life. 



“Myth, Magic and Metaphor”

In this video, we have the delight of meeting Patricia Daly-Lipe, an internationally awarded author and artist who invited me to her ranch for a beautiful interview on her book Myth, Magic and Metaphor: 

PachaMamArt Book of Art

A presentation of my Art Book and designs with French Riviera Vibes! The book is out of stock at the moment but please stay posted for future publications! <3


“We are One” Community

I am often asked how I price my artwork. I do take into consideration the size of the canvas, the complexity of the design and time put into each piece (it can take a few days or several weeks for a painting), and there is so much more to it. All the sleepless nights trying to make it keep going, making it look simple when really there are millions of challenges and questions. I also trust in the Angel numbers to activate lightcodes within us, or sacred geometry. It has always been important to me to create a circular exchange of energy so when you get an original artwork from me, you are not only becoming the owner of a colorful wall jewelry, you are also contributing to the development of mindful projects as I donate 33% of all my originals painting sales to artistic, educational and environmental businesses or non-profit organizations. Since I arrived in Jacksonville, we adore going to Celestial Farms, an animal rescue and educational Wonderland created by Veronica and her family who commits everyday to provide a beautiful garden for adults and children. We have participated in many classes and events together, and they will always have my support when I can! I also greatly enjoy working along with international organizations. Travels, nature and our soul family are my greatest source of inspiration!

Poem for You

From our new book, The Great Reconciliation, coming soon!




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