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Hello Angels!! I love to record videos when I am called to it, to share a message with Arts, or Crystals or Oracle Cards. Most of these videos are posted on the Self-Education Revolution FB group with Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins and our community. I am putting them here. Follow your intuition to pick a video and see if there is a message destined for you 🙂 These are mostly talks about my trainings, inspirations and community. Please feel free to comment with your ideas or questions so we can take the discussion further!

September 24th:

About Self-Love and Collective Consciousness

My Dilemna Intro

Just a Talk… about Time Travel and Thunder!

My Dilemna

How I discovered the Fire Letters, my dilemna, and more reflections about the universal knowledge, the legitimity of an Akashic library theory, our Soul Family and so much more to come. Conversation is Evolution!! This is just the begining…🥗🧡 On the road for The Great Reconciliation!!

Cards Poolside


Guiding Star

Heroes of a thousand faces : September 2021

Cover me in Sunshine! September 2021

About Spirituality: October 2021

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