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Hello Angels!! I love to record videos when I am called to it, to share a message with Arts, or Crystals or Oracle Cards. Most of these videos are posted on the Self-Education Revolution FB group with Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins and our community. I am putting them here. Follow your intuition to pick a video and see if there is a message destined for you 🙂 These are mostly talks about my trainings, inspirations and community or topics that inspire me and could help you in your journey too. Please feel free to comment with your ideas or questions so we can take the discussion further!

September 24th 2021

About Self-Love and Collective Consciousness

My Dilemna Intro

Just a Talk… about Time Travel and Thunder!

My Dilemna

How I discovered the Fire Letters, my dilemna, and more reflections about the universal knowledge, the legitimity of an Akashic library theory, our Soul Family and so much more to come. Conversation is Evolution!! This is just the beginning…🥗🧡 On the road for The Great Reconciliation!!

Cards Poolside

Angels DO exist!

Guiding Star

Heroes of a thousand faces : September 2021

Cover me in Sunshine! September 2021

About Spirituality: October 2021

Parallel Worlds: November 2021

Ocean Vibes: December 2021

On the prophecies: January 2022

Breakthrough Challenge with Tony Robbins January 2022

Happy Birthday Tony Robbins, from Abu Simbel! March 2022

No cards for this one but a preview from my next movie about Egypt in February 2022!!

From the Egyptian Museum of Cairo – Feb 2022

Key of Hearts Podcast – Feb 2022

Full Moon Talk – March 2022

Love Reading and Movie Update – April 2022

Date with Thoth, Conversation on Religions – April 2022

Financial Survival – June 2022

Kids and Guns – July 2022

Make Love Not War – July 2022

August 2022 – Go Vegan!


Flower of Life Art Retreat Presentation

For September 2022 – Sign up HERE

Unleash the Power Within! Tony Robbins 2024!

September 2022 – The Dark Knight of the Soul


October 2022 – Winging it!


November 2022

Special TWIN FLAMES 11/11

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