Flower of Life Art Retreat!


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The Art retreat will take place in my Residence in Jacksonville, Florida from August 4th to 8th, 2023, and absolutely everything from the day you step in to the day you leave is included in your price, meals, outings, painting supplies, Ayurvedic treatments and other surprise gifts!

Bring your lovey, a friend or partner for $1111 only!

Just apply the COUPON code: MAGIC

Book one, get a SPECIAL PRICE for your guest at $1,111

Here is an example of the Infinity Workshops at my house that we used to do in 4 hours on smaller canvases. This time we will be working on 16×20″ artworks to take our design and technique to a magical level!!

The address will be sent to you after your registration!! We have 3 spacious and gorgeous double rooms that you can book for yourself or with your +1. You can contact me via email pachamamart1111@gmail.com if you have any question 🙂




Refund Policy:

In case you need to cancel, the refund policy is 100% (minus the website fees, if any), until July 4th (30 days prior). For cancellation after July 4th, I will refund 70% of your registration because I need to purchase the crystals, oracles, food, gifts and supplies in advance and plan accordingly to the number of participants who signed up. And mostly, I want you to make it and commit to it, because it’s going to be so awesome!! There will be no refund for cancellations less than a week prior to the event, except for emergency or medical reason. 

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