Journey to Love

Welcome and Thank You for joining this Workshop! 

“Journey to Love” is a fun, relaxing and energizing Mandala Painting Workshop created to guide you step by step in learning the meditative technique of dotillism, interpreting symbols and colors, painting a unique artwork, while reflecting on conscious topics and opening your inspiration channels. You will even get to learn some words in Quechua and a Vegetarian surprise to nurture body and soul at the end. Get your Art Gear and grocery list ready, don’t forget the wine and to invite your Valentine!! Have a wonderful Love Day everyOne!!

If you don’t have your Art Gear yet, you can watch this “WELCOME ON BOARD” tutorial with the detailed list. Also, I would love to see your paintings, please post your pictures and a review on my fb if you can

Also, something you may not know about me is that I love to cook healthy meals, so I created a few years ago a Vegetarian recipe website for your kitchen inspiration!! Just another great reason to speak French 😉 Click on the logo for all the good recipes. Bon Appétit!!

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