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Hello Hello!!

This is it my friends!! The end of an adventure is the beginning of the next so, let’s do this!!

I have invested the past decade creating this website with my portfolio of original art, a free library of travel e-books and articles to promote the different cultures around the world, while participating to conferences and trainings, building my business, raising my son and recording a dozen of awesome artistic Masterminds with thematic videos series, mostly about my life experiences, art and sacred geometry, with a hint of stalking my idols and passion for saving the world, science and new technology. So, I decided to gather everything in one giant book, and the good news is, you can download it for FREE!! Bringing Heaven on Earth!! Who wants to have a beautiful book on their shelves when you can save trees and spend more time staring at your screen? Seriously though, I am looking for a publisher because that stuff is just annoying.

The PachaMamArt Encyclopedia gathers a lot of information, perspectives and recommendations from years of Art, Research and Poetry that will help our audience see (and create!) the world with rainbow sunglasses so you can have a great positive mindset like me lol. This book goes far, exploring time travel, galactic portals and the new advances in science with astral travel and soon, teleportation. It presents a detailed plan for the removal of nuclear weapons and a society in better harmony with the environment, renewable technologies, as well as very useful stages of life like “how to build an artistic business, or write motivation letters to apply for a job, or the amazing light in the financial survival tunnel”, with leadership advices and mindset tips. All while creating beautiful mandalas and vision boards that will enlighten your home and life. I know this sounds a little sarcastic, but truly, if this wasn’t for a true passion and calling for a mission, I would never have done it, so, YOU MUST READ IT cuz that stuff is life-changing!! Plus, I think it’s really time for us to gather and TAKE ACTION!! Let’s build an incredible legacy for ourselves and the next generations.



Now I don’t want you to buy the book and leave it aside for later, so, if you are interested, I am offering to organize a full-week PachaMamArt Encyclopedia Team-Building Training, to go through each step and concept, create art together and remember it forever. We will implement new strategies for your organization, and you will even be able to repeat this entire training with your teams, use it as conversation starter in your gatherings, inspiration when you are painting, ladies creative nights or counter terrorism communication… possibilities are infinite and I am all about it!

All the info about the Team-Building is here (click on the image): 


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