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On this page you can find all my ONLINE CLASSES of Mandala Art. All for free or a small participation. Thank you for your interest and supporting my work. All THIS IS FOR YOU!!

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Guru Yoga Online Retreat

In Spring 2020, we had the honor of participating to the Guru Yoga Online Retreat, an amazing experience to bring cultural awareness with talented holistic practitioners from all around the world around the themes of Yoga, Music, Ayurveda… and Mandalas! You can join the facebook group to discover all the crew from Lebanon, Italy, USA, Australia and everyone beautiful, true blessing! I am so grateful for meeting with Aravinda who organized this retreat with such a kind heart, Richard who is sharing his passion of Ayurveda in the U.S. and Ivanka who teaches yoga to our Italian friends or Pearls of Wisdom by Satyarev <3 I also got to learn the name of a new instrument, the Harmonium, loved it!


Art Insights

A selection of 4 conferences and workshops to understand the main themes that you will find in my Art and Life: The notion of Shapeshifters, A tour of my Home gallery, creating a Vision Board and a summary of how we can expand our consciousness with Crystals and Oracles! Welcome to my World!!


Art ‘O’Clock

Welcome on Board!! If you have never heard of mandalas before or tried the dotillism technique, you should start with this series of short videos where I explain the main concepts and vocabulary, art supplies and get a first try at painting a mandala!


Journey to Love

Discover this awesome painting class to learn the dotillism technique, YEARS of work and inspiration, all organized in a creative flow for you!! This was a special for Valentine’s Day so the theme is LOVE!! You can paint and take some time to meditate and create a beautiful gift for a loved one or do this class together!


Metatron’s Vibes

The Metatron’s Vibes is my best ever created three module course! Together we will create an incredible sacred geometry pattern, the Metatron’s Cube and have fun creating new variations with joy and inspiration, crystals and oracles!!!! The three artworks created are “Masterminds”, “Key of Hearts” and “Ministry of Sound”, all three super powerful versions of the design. A true gift for a lifetime PASSION!!

This will help you develop your creativity and make more meaningful and energetic content with your words and visuals, if you are in a graphic designer, in the marketing industry, to decrypt the hidden messages in the media or simply to understand, visualize and heal your own patterns at the personal and collective levels!


Summer Vibes

Thank you for trusting me in being your Art teacher, please say hi and send me pictures of your inspirations and artworks!!


Conversations with Thoth

The Emerald Tablets have made my life magical and brought meaning to all my experiences. Gave me the strength to keep going and trust the process. Try it!


The Angel Pack

America’s most wanted! The Angel pack is a Mastermind of Revelations that I kept hidden for years until the world is ready for it. This one talks about telepathy, energy, karmic and transgenerational healing, mental programming and strategy for World Peace. While promoting the Art of Life, as always!


The United Series

My recruiting journey with the United Nations! Please wish me luck and wisdom!!



Are you interested in organizing cultural events together? Please contact me and let’s open up to a world of colorful possibilities! If you are curious about my worldwide journey as a teacher and passion for inter-cultural matters, you can visit my Linked In profile. To connect or follow-up with the future events, you can subscribe to my newsletter. Also please make sure to join our artventures on Fb and Instagram for all the good story times!

Thank you for these wonderful reviews!! These were from the Infinity Workshops held in my home studio, at the Murray Hillbilly restaurant or in partnership with the group Harmony, Mind, Body, Spirit in Jacksonville. I condensed all this content into videos to offer the same experience from wherever you are in the world!! Hope you love them!

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