Ministry of Sound

Welcome to my latest painting class, Ministry of Sound! After painting a series of artwork with the Metatron’s Cube for my idols, creating this rainbow bridge between us all around the world, I thought that I should have one too! So, I started painting a new version of the Metatron’s Cube, and little by little I started receiving information about anti-gravity and decided with my son Esteban to invent, or at least paint our interpretation of the Flying Potion, allying Chinese symbols of the elements and symbolic figures of our generation and ancient knowledge, to fly a spaceship with eco-friendly components!! Crazy! Please let me know what you think!

ALSO!! Please make sure to check out this PDF with clear proofs and explanations of this system, that I created for the Nasa Apps Space Challenge!!

The NASA Questionnaire is also A GOOD ONE TO READ AND DOWNLOAD!!


Episode 1: Time Machine

Episode 2: Flying Potion in the Making

Episode 3: Solving the Equation with Esteban

Episode 4: We found the Flying Potion

Episode 5: Completing the background

Season Finality: Walk off the Earth!

Would you like to see my PDF Presentation for the NASA Space Apps Challenge? CLICK on the image below!


AND!! Don’t forget to read the NASA Questionnaire with my interesting analysis of the correlation between the SUN and HUMAN Behavior!

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