Colors of Nature Oracle

Dear friends,

I hope you are all doing excellent, amazing, healthy and happy!! My name is Fanny Ménardi, I am a mandala artist, a French American Mama, I can be the craziest tantrum baby or the wisest soul of the universe (It really depends on the planet alignment and if I had my positivitea for breakfast or not).

Last year, I had the honor of creating a collection of 30 paintings, called Colors of Nature, for the Children Hospital of New Orleans, where my intention was to create magical landscapes while still integrating mandalas and geometry to inspire, support and bring colors and healing to the children in their recovery process. We have so many experiences and proofs that telepathy and frequencies are real, I have discovered through the mandala painting to what extent symbols and words, the LOGOS, are powerful, energetic and magical to program our life and heal… so what better than teaching this to our children in an artistic way? I truly believe that the new revolution is to tell our children about the story of life, how to be more playful and Love, Laugh, and be HEALTHY physically and spiritually.

I am looking for a publisher for this oracle but until then, I am offering it to you for FREE!! Click on the images above or below to download your 43 pages book. Hopefully you will show it to your kids and read it together. You can print it and, if you like it, leave me a comment and recommend it to your friends!



Here is a gallery with all the artworks:

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