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When I started painting, it was just for the fun. I loved working with colors and worldwide symbols. I could not suspect that it was going to be the beginning of discovering the secrets of the world and the Universe, learning to become a creator and recode our destiny with the Logos and Words. In my actual state, I wouldn’t recommend anybody to choose to be an artist for a living. So much challenges and troubles. And yet, I couldn’t leave my passion aside, it was my duty to keep going because I knew how much this changed my world and vision, helped me find purpose every day and find a magnificent network. I applied for hundreds of jobs, but I didn’t want it to be any job. It had to be motivating, impactful, interesting, life-changing. SO I contacted all my favorite organizations until I saw a recruiting campaign for the United Nations. My dream job!! So many positions were passionating, so I applied to all of them and each time recorded a video for my recruiters to explain my goals and strategies at so many levels, allying the latest discoveries in Science, Business, Warfare, and Politics, always keeping in mind a global goal for Peace. We decided that it would be interesting to publish these videos and make it a series so you too can get inspired and guided for your job search and own evolution. Life is tough, we need to share what we believe in and know. I hope you enjoy!

What is the United Nations’s Mission?

Episode 1:

Social Affairs Officer for the Department of Indigenous Communities and Development – Presentation of the PachaMamArt Encyclopedia


Episode 2:

Public Information Officer


Episode 3:

Social Affairs Officer


Episode 4:

Proofreader and Content Creator 


Episode 5:

Guardians of the Galaxy!

The Prophecy of Pachacuti – Energy Healing – Elemental Power

Episode 6:

Fix Syria and Turkey Challenge

Episode 7: 

Sphinx and Spaceships

Episode 8:

Back to the Future

Episode 9:

The Prophecies Collection

Episode 10:

White House Vibes! 

Episode 11:

Angles and Circles

Application for the Program Management Officer Position

at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations 

Episode 12:

Bringing us all together

Episode 13:

The Art of Livin’

Episode 14:

Administration Senior Assistant


Episode 15: 

The United Nations Charter


Episode 16: 

Global Goals: Peace, Justice and Institutions

Episode 17: 

Partnerships for the Goals


I hope you enjoyed these videos. Would you like to read the letter I wrote to the White House and the United Nations with my strategic plan of action? Click on the image below to download it, we can all do our part at individual and collective level to ensure a cleaner atmosphere for our children.

And here is a NEW ARTICLE and BRIEF of the NATO Summit 2023 in Vilnius. Click here to download the article and on the video to watch the conference: 

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