The United Series

Hello hello and Welcome!

When I started painting, it was just for the fun. I loved working with colors and worldwide symbols. I could not suspect that it was going to be the beginning of discovering the secrets of the world and the Universe, learning to become a creator and recode our destiny with the Logos and Words. In my actual state, I wouldn’t recommend anybody to choose to be an artist for a living. So much challenges and troubles. And yet, I couldn’t leave my passion aside, it was my duty to keep going because I knew how much this changed my world and vision, helped me find purpose every day and find a magnificent network. I applied for hundreds of jobs, but I didn’t want it to be any job. It had to be motivating, impactful, interesting, life-changing. SO I contacted all my favorite organizations until I saw a recruiting campaign for the United Nations. My dream job!! So many positions were passionating, so I applied to all of them and each time recorded a video for my recruiters to explain my goals and strategies at so many levels, allying the latest discoveries in Science, Business, Warfare, and Politics, always keeping in mind a global goal for Peace. We decided that it would be interesting to publish these videos and make it a series so you too can get inspired and guided for your job search and own evolution. Life is tough, we need to share what we believe in and know. I hope you enjoy!


Episode 1:

Social Affairs Officer for the Department of Indigenous Communities and Development – Presentation of the PachaMamArt Encyclopedia


Episode 2:

Public Information Officer


Episode 3:

Social Affairs Officer


Episode 4:

Proofreader and Content Creator 


Episode 5:

Guardians of the Galaxy!

The Prophecy of Pachacuti – Energy Healing – Elemental Power

Episode 6:

Fix Syria and Turkey Challenge

Episode 7: 

Sphinx and Spaceships

Episode 8:

Back to the Future

Episode 9:

The Prophecies Collection

Episode 10:

White House Vibes! 

Episode 11:

Angles and Circles

Application for the Program Management Officer Position

at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations 


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