Guru Yoga Online Retreat

As we are all adapting to the virtual hub, the wonderful opportunity appeared to open up the Mandala Workshops worldwide thanks to conscious online platforms. After creating the Art’O’Clock series in Spring 2020, we had the honor of participating to the Guru Yoga Online Retreat, an amazing experience to bring cultural awareness with talented holistic practitioners from all around the world around the themes of Yoga, Music, Ayurveda… and Mandalas!

You can join the facebook group to discover all the crew from Lebanon, Italy, USA, Australia and everyone beautiful, true blessing! I am so grateful for meeting with Aravinda who organized this retreat with such a kind heart, Richard who is sharing his passion of Ayurveda in the U.S. and Ivanka who teaches yoga to our Italian friends, Pearls of Wisdom by Satyarev or Dada Atman who is another Angel on Earth. <3 I also got to learn the name of a new instrument, the Harmonium, loved it! I’m so grateful for meeting this community and hope to continue this journey together!!

Here is an introduction and a few insights about the Mandala Drawing and Coloring Workshop, to create your personalized design and meditate with the energy of colors. Thank you to all the participants, please keep posting your pictures in the group! All workshops are FREE, and donations to the Guru Yoga Online Retreat are appreciated. Namaste

The best part was to discover your artworks, with so many synchronicities connecting us all as always, like finding these new tuniques that day, and having the ladies from the workshop send me pictures of their mandalas with the same patterns and colors. On the evening of the workshop, opening my social media, I read on the news that, at the same time, there was a space launch happening whom members were called “The Dragon Crew”. These were such amazing synchronicities that made us realize how everything is connected, and we are all using our ideas, imagination, intuition and passions to draw information and energy from a universal library, an elaborate grid of ideas and energies floating in the air, ready for us to grasp and manifest. In other words, following our bliss to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness

Click on the picture below to join the Facebook group and view the workshops:


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