The Art of Mother Earth

PachaMamArt is a brand inspired by the wonders of the Earth, created with the purpose of offering an art that transforms the energy of your home by bringing magic and beauty. My artwork is the continuation of fabulous travels, encounters and journey around the world. It honors the spirit, knowledge and traditions of ancient civilizations like the Celtics or Incas, while bringing dynamism and vibrance into the contemporary scene with the use of metallic colors, cultural symbols, crystals, sacred geometry and natural patterns to fulfill the eyes and the soul. Just like in life, dotillism encourages us to look at things from a higher standpoint in order to have a better picture of our experiences. Wether it is consciously or on the subliminal level, I like to consider the language of art as a powerful healing tool to develop our imagination, creativity and spirituality. Visit my GALLERY and SHOP to get your original paintings, high-quality prints of all kinds and sizes, commissions, home decor and accessory collections. You can discover more insights and the creating process on my Youtube channel and, if you would like to learn Mandala Art and the dotillism technique, there are amazing MASTERMINDS series with so much passionating content for you! Make sure to visit the platform :)) Please CONTACT me if you need recommendations, and follow my artventures on Fb and Instagram for all the good story times! Your intuition guided you here for a reason, I hope you will find some peaces of wonder and precious treasures!
Fanny Ménardi