Mandalaneous Mastermind



A series of video that, contrarily to the rest of my work, has little to do with painting. In these episodes, I share about my life experiences on all topics that I encountered in my journey and I believed could help someone figure things out a little faster. I talk about financial survival, heroes and villains, society topics, here is the program:


Relationships – Diet – Values.

Episode 1:

What MEN need to know before they have children.

Episode 2:

How to get a divorce without spending thousands on a lawyer.

Episode 3:

How to be the best, sweetest army general MUM.


Episode 4:

Winging it!

Episode 5:

Memory Imprints.

Episode 6:

Reflections on society riots – Gun laws and abortions

Episode 7:

On the prophecies.

Episode 8:

The World is OURS – Rise in Love!

Episode 9:

Financial Survival – part 1

Episode 10:

Financial Survival 2

Episode 11:

Karma is real.

Episode 12:

About Narcissists.

Episode 13:

Religions and Sabotage.

I usually offer all my videos for free. The price is a symbolic contribution to my work and family. Thank you for being here and I hope that this will help you see the world in perspective.

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