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Join me for an inspiring mandala painting workshop and lunch in my Jacksonville Residence every week to paint the Symbols of the world!! Mandalas and the dotillism technique that I teach are very meditative and energetic tools to imagine, design, create, your life in colors. Total beginners and advanced levels are absolutely welcome. Last chance to come learn all my painting secrets, #Jacksonville!!

🎨🥗🧚‍♀️ Only one workshop left, and I can also organize workshops on demand this month for you, your family and friends.

➡️ Sunday June 11th: Viking Runes
➡️ Friday, June 16th: Atlantean Letters
➡️ Saturday, June 24th: Native American Elements

➡️ Saturday, July 8th: It’s a kind of MAGIC!! 🔥🔥

The goal is to coordinate our works and ideas, as well as to harmonize the directions we are taking in our respective fields!

I have 8 spots available!! $88 for the full day from 10am-4pm, includes paint supplies and vegan lunch! Peace starts at the local scale until the message and strategy expand to the collectivity, and what better than Art to approach it with creativity, decorate your home with meaningful energies.

Sign up today, and please write to me at if you have any questions!!

Looking forward to this fulfilling day!


Fanny <3

Here is a video from previous workshops 🤩🙏🎨

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Sunday June 11th

Viking Runes

Friday, June 16th

Atlantean Letters

Saturday, June 24th

Native American Elements

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