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Our goal by working together in our pluricultural fields of interest is to harmonize our politics and actions from the individual to the collective levels!

The Arts & Logos three-days workshop is a great opportunity to organize a fun team-building event at the Office, an unconventional meeting where we can speak freely, uplift each other and raise awareness of our personalities and struggles, in order to offer solutions, inspirations and recommendations.

I will give you some super easy activities that you can reuse with your teams to establish trust and develop a meaningful communication, all thanks to the creation of a beautiful artwork!

This is going to be purely focused on Symbols and Arts and interpreting shapes and colors so we can read life in poetry and see the world as an ever-evolving artwork. Let’s be leaders!

Michelle Obama said: “When they go low, we go high”. I try to remember that phrase every day when my mood is at the lowest. I believe it is a practice that we learn as we crash or as we flow, the choice is ours, but one my main messages is also that we are accountable for each other.

Solidarity is key!! Family!! 

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