Custom Artworks

Did you know that I can paint a vibrant and meaningful artwork especially for you or someone precious? 🧚🏻‍♀️ When I create custom paintings, I love to use spiritual and cultural symbols along with the energy of crystals and colors to bring a message of inspiration or a specific intention to the creation. Radionics are passionating and I strongly believe that everything that surrounds us has an impact on us, on the general feel of a place, on our motivation or state of mind. The very same way a scent diffuser can bring freshness, exotism, peace or balance… mandalas diffuse their good vibes around.

By purchasing this Art, you are not only becoming the owner of a colorful and energetic wall jewelry, you are also contributing to the development of artistic, educational and environmental projects. PachaMamArt commits to donate a portion of all originals and custom paintings sales to local and international non-profit organizations that work every day to bring wonders and hope for this world, as well as my work and family. Gratitude!  

Please CONTACT ME to discuss your custom painting and discuss your preferences (symbols, colors, theme or feel) or you can let me follow my intuition 🌈 You can write to me in English, French or Spanish.