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I am excited to share with you these travel books, articles and video series, from my explorations around the world, hoping to bring you some insights about my inspirations for painting and making us want to travel more often, reconnect with nature and discover our beautiful planet… These are from my journals and previous blog Travel Addict Company, so you might find the content a little personal as I created these books thinking of what I could show to my children, between time and space, as a quest to the self and to the collective shift happening. I hope you will LOVE them, there is truly incredible information in these precious books and articles, all are either FREE o because it is crucial that worldwide cultures evolve through wonders and discovery.

 Bon Voyage!


And a few travel articles from Bahrain (2013), Lima (2011) and Spain (2006). Click on the image to open the PDF:


I also would like to share with you two research documents I wrote during my Master’s Degree year at the University. I recommend you read them!! What you will discover in this research is unbelievable. How can humans be treated this way? Could it be so simple? When I was a student, I was always in favor of the people. Now, growing up a little more, I try to understand what issues are at stake for the decisions makers to not really be able to manage the political, social, economic and cultural in the healthiest ways. Well, first off, we need to specify that INTERculturality, literally meaning the interconnection between all fields, is so important! SO as looking at our leaders history and backgrounds. Not to excuse the behaviors depicted in this publication, like a vaccination campaign that turned into a disguised genocide towards the indigenous tribes. These documents are essential to understand the world’s behaviors, challenges and strategies at the moment and try to compromise to bring solutions without being fooled by the pharmaceutical industries. What do you think Covid was? A wave of mass extinction, not so much by the sickness itself, but the vaccine administrated to half of the world. Let’s see what happened in 30 years, if the next generation will be that healthy? I can already guaranty a raise of auto-immune diseases at birth, shorter life spans and fertility problems. That’s sad, man, Open your eyes. Click on the images to open the documents. 

And now, some videos from Esteban and I’s trip to Peru in 2022!! 11 years later!!

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