Team-Building Mastermind!!

Hello Hello America!!

When Tony Robbins asked Nelson Mandela how he survived in jail for 27 years, the President of South Africa responded: “I was preparing”. Well, my friends, I had a dream, a few months ago, that I would be the first woman President of the United States, and even though I was attacked by psychopaths, terrorists and rescued by Shark Angels who trained me to become a mix between Leeloo Dallas and Mother Theresa, locked up in my office until I could deliver the Glory Book of Human Salvation, I feel like my time has come to get out of the dark and meet you my beloved tribe!

Let’s work together and heal the world.

Let’s help our President Joe Biden (aka Joe B. Joy) make his dream of an empowered America come true, rising from the small businesses and communities, while the Masterminds make sure the middle classes become incredible millionaires warriors of light.

Let’s have the Blue Angels activate our crown chakras by drawing Merkabas in the sky and ladies night getting their gossips and prose in style. Art is life, guys.

In the process, let us make sure that we conspire to turn oil companies into high-tech hippies and build eco-friendly spaceships to plan the Space Olympics 2030.

Also, is there a way we can make books out of plastic? Seriously I’m sure we can! Imagine all pages be laminated and you know you are saving the planet and the trees every time you are reading a book? And waterproof!! Guys, let’s do this!! Gather us my people!!

I am FINALLY happy to announce that the NEW TEAM-BUILDING PROGRAM is ready! You can download the Program PDF or look at this chart for the summary:

This program is based on my book, the PachaMamArt Encyclopedia, so it is very extensive and adaptable! We are going to paint a gorgeous mandala on a 16×20 canvas panel, and create a collective vision board while exploring all our secrets strategies and techniques in our fields of expertise!

Why should you ABSOLUTELY attend this?

  • If you are working in Marketing, Multi-media, Graphic Design, Publicity, Communication, Intercultural Context, Art, or pretty much anything where you are creating visuals and communicating with a worldwide audience, you will learn to improve your communication and avoid important, contextual mistakes, while bringing more colors, meaning and subtle energy to your content.
  • Learning about symbolism and energy centers is essential to visualize, understand and heal your own patterns at the individual level, and on the collective level. Trust me, I am learning every day in this journey things that are still amazing to me.
  • We MUST gather to brainstorm and establish a plan of ACTION to save the ENVIRONMENT and the world and it honestly starts with us, in our missions and households.

Things like this conference at the Naval Postgraduate School make me want to continue the discussion and gather specialists to make our visions manifest with the BEST and HIGHEST outcome possible for everyone. Awesome incentives!! We are no longer negotiating between people or organizations. We are negotiating with the next generations, the planet for the fate of the human race.

A Mastermind for a military audience would look like this: For the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angels, we would talk about the Sacred Geometry Patterns and their meaning at one table, while the Scientists and engineers discuss the new models of clean energy (combustion-free) motors and spaceships, while the social media and communication teams would establish their strategy in positioning themselves as pioneers and encourage partners and similar organizations to join the trend. SO excited!!


Photo by Astrophysicist Adam Apollo… Working on spaceships!

We will be working on an individual artwork to develop our creativity, and a collective vision board to study and formulate what we want to contribute to the World. Becoming a team, creating new partnerships and a common vision to bring back to our own businesses, life or office, and that can branch out in our respective fields, audience and communities. Please visit my GALLERY to see what kind of Art we will be making and you can start thinking of what you would like to create with your team or while meeting new friends.

Let’s open up to a world of colorful possibilities! If you are curious about my worldwide journey as a teacher and passion for inter-cultural matters, you can visit my Linked In profile. To connect or follow-up with the future events, you can subscribe to my newsletter. Also please make sure to join our artventures on Fb and Instagram for all the good story times!

Here is an awesome compilation from my previous workshops:

Thank you for these wonderful reviews!! These were from the Infinity Workshops held in my home studio, at the Murray Hillbilly restaurant or in partnership with the group Harmony, Mind, Body, Spirit in Jacksonville. I condensed all this content into videos to offer the same experience from wherever you are in the world!! Hope you love them!

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