Flower of Life Art Retreat!!

with NEW DATES – DECEMBER 26th to 30th, 2022

The video is for the previous event so the price and a few details have changed, but the program is the same! I will record another one soon! All the information is in the program hereafter.

Your artwork could be part of my next oracle project:

Whispers of the Earth! 

You will have sacred time during the week to write down your words of wisdom, poetry or existential questions! We will read, journal, create cool designs and cook healthy meals. Please note that, in order to be comfortable, there are only 4 to 6 spots available and I might not organize this kind of events any time soon! This is the BEST time to sign up NOW!!

You will learn to create while you meditate and feeling productive even in your down times, learn the technique of dotillism, how to create a design, understand the language of symbols and colors and make your visuals more energetic and meaningful! Perfect if you are working in marketing, graphic design or even to understand your own patterns in life.

Thank you for your trust and patience! 🙂

Book One, get a SPECIAL PRICE for your guest at $1,111

Use code MAGIC at checkout! 


Book One, get a SPECIAL PRICE for your guest at $1,111

Use code MAGIC at checkout! 

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