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Hereafter you can see a cool video from many events all around Jacksonville. I have worked with Celestial Farms, the wellness group Harmony, Mind, Body, Spirit at the Arboretum, a few restaurants like Superfood and Brew and the Murray Hillbilly, and the Art See and Shop Gallery. There are so many memories, we should make a movie! Now it is all online on this website, but I am also organizing new Art Retreat programs in my Home Studio!! Thank you to everyone who has been attending my workshops and following the videos. You are what keeps me going everyday!!



Here is what’s going on at the moment:


Weekly Art class for KIDS and FAMILIES at Celestial Farms!!

EVERY SUNDAY, 11am, only $10! Sign up is not required but please, if you already know you are going then leave a quick message on the fb group just to say “Hey, I’ll be there” so I can plan better. The kids love it and the farm is so much fun! Join us!!



Every Friday 10am-2pm at my house in Jacksonville. Learn the meditative art of dotillism, mandala painting and symbolism.

$88 with all supplies, healthy lunch and oracle gift included.

3 persons minimum, 8 persons max.

All details here:



* Launching December 18th – 23rd, 2022!! *

I am excited to FINALLY offer team-building trainings on demand!! The launch for this program is scheduled for December 18th-23rd, 2022!! Woooohoooooooo! Click on the poster to see all the details!! A full week of painting and communicating about Art, Symbolism and Imagery in a creative way. Contact me at with your name and information if you have any question.


Are you interested in organizing cultural events together? Just contact me and let’s open up to a world of colorful possibilities! If you are curious about my worldwide journey as a teacher and passion for inter-cultural matters, you can visit my Linked In profile. To connect or follow-up with the future events, you can subscribe to my newsletter. Also please make sure to join our artventures on Fb and Instagram for all the good story times!

Thank you for these wonderful reviews!! These were from the Infinity Workshops held in my home studio, at the Murray Hillbilly restaurant or in partnership with the group Harmony, Mind, Body, Spirit in Jacksonville. I condensed all this content into videos to offer the same experience from wherever you are in the world!! Hope you love them!

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