Team-Building Mastermind!!

Hello !!

I am FINALLY happy to announce that the NEW TEAM-BUILDING PROGRAM is ready, and will be launching in my Florida Residence from Sunday, December 18th, to Friday, December 23rd, 2022!! Woowoooo!! We are going to Paint a gorgeous mandala, create a collective vision board and explore all my painting secrets and techniques.  

Why should you ABSOLUTELY attend this?

  • This is most likely the only time in a while that I will be able to organize an event like this at my house to brainstorm, focus and create, for 5 days straight.
  • If you are working in Marketing, Multi-media, Graphic Design, Publicity, Communication, Intercultural Context, Art, or pretty much anything where you are creating visuals and communicating with a worldwide audience, you will learn to avoid important, contextual mistakes, and bring more colors, meaning and subtle energy to your content.
  • Learning about symbolism and energy centers is essential to visualize, understand and heal your own patterns at the individual level, and on the collective level.

This program is very extensive!! We will paint on a 12×16 canvas panel, which is a very good format to work on, transport and frame, and allowing us to reflect, relax, take our time, and explore the entire booklet together! This is years of my life where I have just been holding back all my knowledge to be able to share it one day. Like, NOW!

We will be working on an individual artwork to explore our relationship with the Self, develop our creativity, and a collective vision board to study and formulate what we want to contribute to the World. Become a team, create new partnerships and a common vision to bring back to our own businesses, life or office, and that can branch out in our fields, audience and communities. Please visit my GALLERY to see what kind of Art we will be making.

This Mastermind includes:

For each participant:

  • Creation of one, Mini Mandala for practice
  • Creation of one Individual Artwork 12″x16″
  • Painting supplies
  • Workbook and Presentations
  • Gift of the Mother Earth Mandala Oracle
  • Free access to all my online Masterminds
  • Magic Crystal WAND!

For the group:

  • Team-Building activities: Mindmap creation and personality surveys
  • Creation of one or two Collective Vision Boards on 18×24 Canvas, depending on the number of participants.
  • Healthy Meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Accommodation from Arrival Day: Sunday December 18rd until Departure Day: Friday December 23rd





About logistics:

My vision for this is to have one or two participants representing their organizations or wanting to learn new creative skills, while discussing strategies and ideas in order to create a harmony and guidelines among our activities. I have four spacious rooms. If you need your own room, I can welcome 4 persons. If you are coming with someone who can share a room with you, you get 50% for your +1 with code MAGIC at checkout… if you can share a room it will enable me to welcome up to 6 participants, which is a great number for this kind of event. I prefer that you stay at my place so we can all cook and eat together, start the workshops on time and participate to evening outings and activities.

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