Un Nouveau Monde



The most beautiful place and wonder of the world. This e-book is from my very first visit to Machu Picchu. I am blessed to have been there 4 times in my life. The first time on my own in 2010, then with my ex-husband and again with my father in 2011, and back 11 years later, in 2022, with Esteban, my son! I learnt that due to the huge amount of tourism, the site is being so damaged that most areas are restricted and soon to be closed to the public. At the time, we could access all the site and tourism was very reasonable. It was MAGICAL. I got my superpowers from there! Now, we travelled in huge buses and only allowed to see most places from a viewpoint. I am happy I got to see it when it was still authentic.

You know, I’m not too sure about all this spiritual development. What are we trying to prove? Now, everybody wants to go to those sacred places, and the energy is just not the same. Pacha Mama is screaming to overload. See the cover picture, I took that picture. I am almost on my own on the site. Freakincredible!! To be honest, this most recent trip in Peru was horrible. My son was a little young for all the walks and even though he impressed me and handled it like a champ, he was screaming ALL THE TIME. He rarely does that, it was just unbearable, never happy and constantly complaining. A little difficult to enjoy but I still got to make some cool videos to remember the good times. And then, I got it. My son is a very intuitive empath and so, it wasn’t him who was screaming, he was literally channeling the land through his voice. I felt this frustration all along the trip as well. All this to say, and that might be selfish because I have been there many times and yes I am still happy that I got to take my son there before they close the access. BUT, those places should be only visited by research groups at high prices or special authorizations to reduce significantly our impact on Nature, approach it with respect and care. Pacha Mama says, and I guaranty you this to be true, she is everywhere. In the cities, in your plants, your walls, your trees. In the country, in the mind, in the words and poetry you write. This is why so many people suffer. They feel the connection, that there is more, but they cannot explain it or feel understood.

So, I want to offer you this book for free because everybody on Earth should know and see this place. This is the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one with a clear sign that yes, we must know about the past, but we must now build the future in harmony with Nature before we destroy what is left of our lands with those f**** malls and gas stations. Disgusting. Your worth is not determined by what society decides to grant you or not, it is within the heart, what you offer to the world and how you treat others. And yes, when people have been ignoring you for years, you are allowed to be mad and say tchao! Sometimes, leaving the game for self-respect and peace is WINNING. Stop believing this fake positivity.

After this 11 years cycles, I sometimes think that my life was way more fun and fulfilling, that I had more impact on the people around me than from the day I started to try convincing others of the Magic I was seeing. Now, I am happy to see everything I created, this beautiful art, books, videos, website, connections… Sometimes, it can help many of us understand and be more tolerant to each other, learning to not let other people’s opinion affect you is key, but after seeing the world, I can tell you, I like my bubble. Be naive, believe in love, in truth, in kindness, but also, protect your heart. And Machu Picchu is the heart of the planet.

Please note that this e-book is in French but you should still read it. These are books that I never really insisted on publishing because I made these to have cool stories to tell and show to my Grand-Children one day, but now I know that it was much more than that, it was a gift and message to the Children of Khem.

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