Trésors d’Asie



One day, coming back from England, I went to visit my good friend Yoann after not seeing him for months and I ask him: “So what are you up to”? He says: “I’m about to go to Thaïland for 2 months, you wanna go?”. At first, I’m like, hmm, I’m not sure, I have to start College in September, and I just have 2800 euros in my account (saved from an entire year of work in England), I’m not sure if that’s reasonable… OK! I’m in!!” lol. And this is how I took off with a backpack to a crazy tour of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, seeing the paradise island and sacred temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, almost passed out in an airplane flying over a typhoon and started the travel fever! Awesome trip! Please note that this e-book is in French.

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