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Original paintings 12x16in (30x40cm). Acrylic paint on Canson paper

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This is the very first mandala I ever painted. At the time, I didn’t even know what kind of paintbrush to use for the dotillism technique, so I painted this one with… Q-tips! Ahah! I still think this is a great artwork as it represents my passion for the cosmos and stargates.

Have you seen the movie? When they create a portal able to send you to other timelines, and they travel to Egypt and meet the Gods, go on fun missions to save the world. This is why I love the military so much! I believe that the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels or the new Space Force Guardians will be the ones doing that very, very soon!!

With my FREE ENERGY FORMULA and Adam Apollo’s awesome aircraft designs, William Brown and Nassim Haramein’s time portal discoveries and the support of our new generation engineers, the world is ours!!

What would you do if you could travel in time? How could we influence history? I still believe we are experiencing a giant time loop in constant evolution. Have you ever felt like the dimensions were shifting and the lyrics of a song have changed. Or a memory you had disappeared, or was just created? What if we had blown up the world with nuclear weapons and finally some of us from the future travelled way back to Egypt to leave clues to accelerate the progress of human consciousness and avoid dramatic scenarios, with the Universe conspiring to bring the right people together?

And layers, after layers, we are healing the world, heading towards the best technologies and healing techniques, our lifespan is expanding and now we’re on a race against climate change. Maybe you’re reading this, and this is your 20 years older safe telling you that if you could change the past, you’d stop buying plastic, consuming milk and building on oil. Good news is… This time is now. Today is the past of tomorrow. Change the present, change the future, so you are not just a memory of the past but can become an eternal, one of those who built a legacy and will be forever called a hero.

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