Equinox Art Workshop March 21st




I am organizing a workshop on March 21st for the Equinox, at my house, to try a new painting technique and create a collective giant acrylic pour canvas (for my house ahah!) and, most importantly, complete the collection of 13 paintings inspired by the 13 crystal skulls collection and the Rozoy Picot Logo (Cannabis Champagne). 7 of them have been gifted already and you can create your own to become one of the Super 13!!

I explain everything in this fb live video! 

Jax friends, it’s time to show up and have some fun! We’ll hang out by the pool for lunch and paint, relax, for the rest of the day! And your artwork will be feature on my website with the rest of the collection!

I have 5-8 spots available!! $77 only for the paint supplies + food!


Emerald Bay

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