Hi! Welcome and Thank You for your interest in the painting workshops. Events in my residence can welcome 8 participants.

The “Mandalalunch” is a 6 hours Mandala Art Painting Workshop where you will learn the meditative technique of dotillism, and create your own design and artwork using acrylics and a tiny paintbrush on a 8×8″ canvas panel. We will work with the energy of colors, learn about sacred geometry, like the flower of life or other natural patterns, to connect with our artistic channels.

The theme of the class is SYMBOLS OF THE WORLD, so we can create a new oracle deck together with our artworks!!

Before each class, you can think of a symbol that is typical of your country / region of origin, or simply a worldwide symbol that is meaningful to you.

You can also create your own and watch my 10min tutorial How to create a Sigil and design your magical symbol with a word or intention of your choice, preference and intuition. We will do a little photoshoot with your artwork at the end of each session for the oracle!

The World is rich in diversity, knowledge and culture! We must know better about each other and learn to transmute or questions and fears into art and collaborations! I already feel the change with all those who participate in this adventure and I love you guys so much!!

SO, we are meeting EVERY FRIDAY from 10am – 4pm. A Healthy, colorful Vegan Lunch made by me is provided with fresh juice from Prepared Plants.

Dotillism is a meditative approach of painting encouraging us to be attentive to details while looking at things from a higher standpoint. Mandalas are circular patterns encouraging introspection and infinite expansion. A piece of Art… the reflection of your colors, nature and vision.

We will find our inspiration in crystals, chakras colors, quotes, cards following our intuition. All supplies will be provided!

Let’s open up to a world of colorful possibilities!

If you are curious about my worldwide journey as a teacher and passion for inter-cultural matters, you can visit my Linked In profile. To connect or follow-up with the future events, you can subscribe to my newsletter. Also please make sure to join our artventures on Fb for all the good story times!

Gratitude for these wonderful reviews!! These were from the Infinity Workshops held in my home studio, at the Murray Hillbilly restaurant or in partnership with the group Harmony, Mind, Body, Spirit in Jacksonville. If you are not in Jacksonville and still would like to paint these super precious mandalas, you can follow one of my online Masterminds.

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