Journey to Crypto

Hello hello and thank you for signing up to the Journey to Crypto workshop. The PDF file will be available as soon as I get my computer back. Thank you for your patience!

I want to be completely transparent about this program. My very good and reliable friend Kyel told me about his Crypto investments in December 2021, and I asked him to explain to me how he does it, tell me about the platform he uses, what coins, etc… I only had $800 in my savings account, and because I am a crazy “ALL IN OR NOTHING” kind of person, I put all my money into it. Within a month, I doubled my stake and learnt how to use the platform with a rolling investment that can ONLY get greater as the interest rate can vary from 20% to 100% per year and is exponential. We explain all this in the video.

Two months later, I was so excited that I went to the bank to take a $7000 loan to put on the platform, hoping that I could double it just as fast, and pay off all my credit cards, while creating a safe financial back up. The cryptocurrency that we used seemed to be stable and on a constant rise. Unfortunately, the very next month, the crypto market completely crashed. The coin went from $11 to $1 in a month. So, I did not loose my crypto, I still have all my coins generating more coins but, at this very moment, they are worth close to nothing compared to my investment. So, I removed this workshop from all platforms because, of course, I don’t want this to happen to my friends, which was initially the purpose of recording this, to help you benefit from it as well.

So, I am reposting it today because, you can still learn to use the Osmosis platform and pick a different coin of your choice, or the same, this is up to you. We are not related to any of the coins or the platform, we just explain how to use them and how the system works, because this is what the banks actually do with our money. My very first advice is: Do not do the same mistake. NEVER SPEND OR INVEST THE MONEY YOU DO NOT HAVE and are willing to risk loosing.

However, I still believe that there is a great horizon for the crypto market and this is a great skill to have to understand finances. You can start with $100, and wait and see. Plus, the market being so crappy, RIGHT NOW is a great time to invest. The coin being at $1, you are not risking much. But if it soars in the next few years, you’re already in it. Remember Bitcoin!!

Episode 1: Introduction with Kyel

Episode 2: Start Investing

Episode 3: PDF Review

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

 Episode 7:

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