Unicorn Mandala

Some unicorn vibes to brighten your sky 🦄🌤 In this video, you will see a timelapse of a 3 hours painting session after a short introduction with crystals energy to support your inspiration and creativity. Pease share your pictures and location so we can see where on Earth our sparkly friends are rooting their peace of the rainbow bridge 🌈🌾

Even if unicorns and other spirits of nature don’t officially exist in our 3D perception, (I believe) they exist in alternative dimensions. Through the doors of our intuition, inspiration, imagination, we allow our frequencies to align and the veil to get thinner and thinner. They let us get a glimpse of them through the elements, clouds, rivers, mountains, messages or signs, always there to remind us about the magic of this world and how much we are yet to discover 🌎

I recorded this workshop for the occasion of Mother’s day², and I’d love for us to paint some Unicorn Vibes, for our children to grow with infinite imagination, smiles and glitters in their eyes. This artwork made a huge leap accross country, from Florida to California, to my dear friend Marcy. A golden soul, incredible healer and numerologist that spreads fairy dust and colors in our world, that you can find at Healing With Love. Shortly after this, the babe and I were flying opposite way accross the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, this is a #unicorninvasion 🦄 but, we come in love and wonder version 🧚‍♀️ 🌈🌎🎨
Happy painting everyOne❣