The flower of life is one of the most important and sacred pattern in the Universe, as it contains the patterns of the creation of every living creature. This painting is a sacred tool to help you get grounded to our beautiful Earth and develop your connection to the Universe and higher-self, the exact same … Lire la suite Aurora


This artwork is probably the one that took me the longest! Every pattern of this patchwork is made of different colors and shapes combinations in order to remind us that there is no need to be ALL the same to be united. I like considering this painting as a personality test. Tell me what pattern … Lire la suite Patchwork


Acrylic paint on Canson paper 12x16in (30x40cm) The six-pointed star, through the mystical union of the two triangles, has a significant importance in the Hindou history as it represents Creation, the divine union of the masculine and feminine energies. The different shades of blue are associated with the throat chakra (communication skills), a great energetic … Lire la suite Stargate