Seed of life

Acrylic paint on Canvas board 16x20in (40x50cm) The seed of life is an incredible symbol of creation. This painting also carries the energy of 4 precious stones: the pink quartz, Amethyst, Fushite and Cristal. It is a powerful healing and harmonizing tool to reconnect with the sacred feminine vibration and help any creative project. It … Lire la suite Seed of life


In many cultures, the butterfly is symbolizes the relation to the other worlds and a time of transformation. This butterfly, as you are looking at it, is telling you that your hands are the link between your heart and the universe. Believe in yourself as your creativity comes from a higher realm and, with your … Lire la suite Butterfly

The GiftCatcher

Acrylic paint on Canvas Board 16x20in (40x50cm) Just like a dreamcatcher, this giftcatcher is a talisman that will only let the most precious gifts come through your life, the priceless ones: joy, happy memories, love, abundance and adventures <3


Acrylic painting 12x16in on Canson Paper Do you ever feel that your eyes see something but your heart has its own way to translate it? Every time I watch a sunset I just want to paint millions of colorful dots to keep the energy of the Sun with me at all times. This artwork is … Lire la suite Sunset

Roll Tide

« Roll tide », further to representing the Alabama Crimson Tide mascot, symbolizes the strength and power of the elephant with the memory of loved ones to bring light and happiness into a new home and life. A few minutes after finishing up this painting, an elephant passed by in the sky as to bring two personal … Lire la suite Roll Tide

Fruit of life

Acrylic paint on Canvas board 16x20in (40x50cm) There is so much to say about the meaning of the Fruit of life. 13 circles hidden in the flower of life sacred pattern, it is « an access to a higher dimension through a conscious evolution ». This painting is made to help growing projects and consciousness. It carries … Lire la suite Fruit of life


Acrylic paint on Canson paper 12 x 16in (30x40cm) Being « spiritual » does not mean to always be (or pretend to be) happy. Sometimes we are angry, sometimes we are full of joy, excitment, sadness, empathy, fear, resentment or courage… this is what makes us human. It is healthy to accept these emotions in order to … Lire la suite Moods