Journey to Love


Hello Beautiful and Welcome!

My friend Theresa and I would like to invite you to paint with us during this beautiful workshop, encounter and story while we create a very special Mandala design for you or your loved one!  This is a perfect family, couple or bubble activity. Please look at the description and video below 🙂 With Love, Fanny

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« Journey to Love » is a fun, relaxing and energizing Mandala Painting workshop to create a colorful mandala in the meditative technique of dotillism. We will guide you step-by-step to choose your symbols and colors, painting a unique artwork, while reflecting on conscious topics and opening your inspiration channels. You will even get to learn some words in Quechua and a vegetarian surprise to nurture body and soul at the end. Get your Art gear and grocery list ready, don’t forget the wine and to invite your Valentine!! Thank you Theresa for creating this video with me, have a wonderful Love Day everyOne!!

If you don’t have your supplies yet, you can watch this « WELCOME ON BOARD » tutorial with the detailed list. Also, I would love to see your paintings, please post your pictures and a review on this page if you can

This painting workshop lasts 1h31 minutes. You will receive your video link and password via email with your order confirmation. 

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