Extend your stay for 3 days from May 8th-11th to relax and visit Florida! Read the full program on the description below! Save this page and book it with your Art Retreat!

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Yess!! I am so excited that your are coming for the Art Retreat from May 4th to May 8th!! You will love it!!

It will be a relaxed yet busy program to complete your painting in 4-5 days while participating in other activities as well, and for some of you traveling from the other side of the country, you might want to stay a few more days. Personally I rarely travel for less than a week because I like to take my time so I would like to offer you the opportunity to stick around for 3 more days and be my guest. There is no specific program besides what you would do visiting your best friend or sister, cook breakfast, chill by the pool, stare at the trees and ducks, go to the beach, read, focus on work or just relax, watch movies, maybe go to the springs, visit Fernandina Beach or go to St Augustine, the most Ancient town in the U.S, it’s really cute. There are plenty of fun things to do in the Jacksonville area. Whatever we like, just for the love of the beautiful Florida weather. The price includes your stay at my house for 3 extra nights until Wednesday, May 11th all day, and everything is included!! You are free to stay home, go wherever you like or I am happy to do activities together. Fair? Take advantage of this right now!! 

Here are my program suggestions:

May 8th: Finish up of the Art retreat and relaxing day at the house saying goodbye to the departing participants. Movie Night!

May 9th: Visit of St Augustine and lunch at a cool tapas restaurant!  Dinner at home

May 10th: Day and picnic at Blue Springs or Rainbow Springs. Dinner somewhere on the way home.

May 11th: Beach day and lunch in Atlantic Beach at the Flying Iguana

The dates are from MAY 8th – MAY 11th (depart at the time you like), I will drive you back to the Airport unless it is in the middle of the day and we are out and about with the other guests, then you can take a Uber please. We are family and I will do my best to make your holidays THE BEST!! I am flexible and always willing to arrange at your convenience 🙂 It will be fun!!



And this is my Baby Esteban, his Daddy Daniel and our Angels Peanut and Dusty. Our dog Dusty is no longer with us but we have the most adorable kitty, her name is Beautiful.

In case you need to cancel, the refund policy is 100% (minus the website fees), until 7 days prior to the event. For any cancellation after the last sign up date, I will only be able to refund 50% of your ticket because I need to purchase the supplies and plan accordingly in advance. Thank you for your understanding! 

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