Portals and Natural Awakening

« Natural Awakening »… Rite of Passage, Dark Night of the Soul, French Accent Soup, Hero Archetypes, Shields and Portals… If any of these sounds rad to you, stay tuned for the Friday Night Special 😉 Ohh… and painting! Have a good day and see you soon everyOne 💘♾


Allright Jax 💖 For some reasons the Universe wants me here (and is pretty serious about it) 🌈🌎 It might be the beautiful Florida springs, the awesome weather, beach adventures, the happy hours and wild creatures… or… this city needed that crazy chick who talks about cosmic gates and aliens (that’s what they said 👽😉🤐) so… here I am, working on my reputation again for you my friends 😋🎨🦸‍♀️🦄 I’d love to hear YOUR interpretations of these two paintings in the comments 🙏🧚‍♂️⬇️
This video itself was a Rite of Passage 😅 After 2 days of work the whole phone crashed and I lost all the edits… (« and so we will draw the path again and again » lol) I kept going and magick happened. Words truly are Spells! Well, grab your favorite cocktail, enjoy the show and Cheers to the Spiritual aWeekending! ♾🦄
🌟 The book I am mentionning in the video is « The Hero of a Thousand Faces » by Joseph Campbell
🌟 My friend Marcy for numerology and lively tarot readings @healingwithnumbers
🌟 The oracle cards I’m using: « Les lettres de feu » by Nathalie Chintanavitch
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The Original Artworks have been purchased, but you can get your high-quality print of these artworks HERE. Thank you for watching!