Mandala Workshops

A series of creative workshops in my studio or in partnership with local and international nonprofit organizations or businesses around a diversity of conscious themes combining nature, holistic healing, arts, environment and education for participants of all ages, working with the energy of colors, cultural symbols and sacred geometry, like the flower of life or other natural patterns, to connect with our artistic channels.

Dotillism is a meditative approach of painting encouraging us to pay attention to details while looking at things from a higher standpoint. Mandalas are circular patterns encouraging introspection and infinite expansion. A piece of Art… the reflection of your colors, nature and vision.

More events coming soon!

Are you a wellness center, yoga studio, holistic practitioner, restaurant, environmental or educational business or organization? I’d love to work with you and organize cross-cultural events and wellness retreats together! Let’s open up to a world of colorful possibilities… Please contact me and benefit special rates for your members and customers.

If you are curious about my worldwide journey as a teacher and passion for inter-cultural matters, or simply would like to connect for follow-up and future projects, visit my Linked In profile. Also please make sure to join our artventures on Fb and Instagram for all the good story times!

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