Mandala Workshop

The Mandala Art Painting Workshop is a 3hours class where you will learn the meditative technique of dotillism, using acrylics and a tiny paintbrush on a 8×8″ canvas panel.

Dotillism is a meditative approach of painting encouraging us to pay attention to details while looking at things from a higher standpoint. Mandalas are circular patterns encouraging introspection and infinite expansion. A piece of Art… the reflection of your colors and vision.

Everything you need to create a beautiful and meaningful mandala will be provided, but feel free to bring your favorite crystal(s) for good vibes and inspiration. We will work with the energy of colors, cultural symbols and sacred geometry, like the flower of life or other natural patterns, to connect with our artistic self.

This workshop takes place in my Art Studio in Jacksonville, Florida*

Every Saturday morning from 10am-1pm

*My residence is located in Arlington, nearby Charter Point. After your registration on Paypal (secure payment), you will be automatically redirected to a confirmation page with the exact address. I will also send an email reminder the days prior to the workshop. Thank you for your understanding and interest in the arts!