Online Classes

As we are all adapting to the virtual hub, the wonderful opportunity appeared to open up the Mandala Workshops worldwide. There is a series of painting tutorials and workshops to explore on this website so you can know what to expect for your class. 

From wherever you are, I can teach you in a few hours the techniques that took me years to discover as a mandala artist so you can create your own meditative artwork. You will receive the list of supplies to gather as soon as you register to the class so you will have time to prepare, and then will be able to keep painting at home in your moments of inspiration. 

Usually, a 8×8″ mandala takes about 3 hours to make. To make it comfortable online, you have several options depending on your level and project. On average, this is what time allows us to do:

  • 1 hour: Introduction, guidelines and techniques, creation of an outline for your Mandala.
  • 2 hours:  Elaboration of the design and mandala painting with further guidelines or questions.
  • 3 hours and +: Creation of a complete mandala and further guidelines or questions, introducing the energy of crystals, colors and geometry, etc…
  • Weekly sessions: Creation of several mandalas around different techniques and intuitive interpretation based on your interests and requests.


Please note that supplies are not included for online workshops but you will receive all the guidelines you need to prepare before the class and optimize our painting time together. 


Gratitude for these wonderful reviews

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