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The Journey to Love Painting Class is a two modules of painting and a library including « Le Chemin de l’Inca », « Trésors d’Asie » and my book about « Paris-Normandy », for $88 only, so you are pretty much getting all these books for FREE!!

The Metatron’s Vibes is a three module course where we will create an incredible sacred geometry pattern, the Metatron’s Cube and have fun creating new variations with joy and inspiration, crystals and oracles!!!! It also contains three books about my adventures in « England », in the « Amazonian Rainforest » and our trip in the Peruvian National Parks, flying among the Nazca Lines and surfing in the desert while discovering myths and legends from the most wonderful places of our planet « In the Middle of Now Here ». All books are in French! You can get this incredible Mastermind and months of painting inspiration for $777, and a true gift for a lifetime PASSION!!

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