Arts and Crystals

Time: 3hrs Price: $33/person  All-levels welcome (age 12+)  Supplies: Included

During the Arts & Crystals workshop, you will be provided with all you need to create a colorful and meaningful 10 x 10″ mandala in the dotillism technique surrounded by your favorite crystals. We will talk about how arts and crystals can be used as inspiring tools and messengers to heal ourselves and others, for they are a reflection of our body and personality. 

Dotillism is a meditative approach of painting encouraging us to pay attention to details while looking at things from a higher standpoint, and mandalas are circular patterns encouraging introspection, as they are designed to represent our connection with the cosmos. Just bring your favorite crystal(s) with you, or a crystal that you feel especially connected to, wether it is for its shape, colors or energy.