Arts and Chakras


Time: 3hrs  Price: $33/person   All levels welcome (12+) 

During the Arts & Chakras workshop, you will be provided with all you need to create a colorful and meaningful 10×10″ mandala in the dotillism technique while bringing a specific focus on our 7 energy centers and their colors. We will discuss how we can use them on our daily basis as a conscious tool for self-development and healing… with our food, our clothes and, of course, while painting.

Dotillism is a meditative approach of painting encouraging us to pay attention to details while looking at things from a higher standpoint, and mandalas are circular patterns encouraging introspection, as they are designed to represent our connection with the cosmos. Additionally to bringing home their art, all participants will receive a very special gift after the workshop: The Chakradventure. An easy, fun, artistic 7 days challenge and PDF guide to understand ourselves better through the energy of colors. Contact me for further information.

The last Arts & Chakras workshop took place in my Art Studio in Jacksonville, Florida:

Saturday, November 2nd, from 10-1pm. Check my NEXT WORKSHOP

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