Art Insights

On this page, I am happy to share some insights about my paintings, inspirations, cards, frames symbols and crystals… Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see all my videos and if you would like to learn how to create beautiful and colorful mandalas, discover my new workshop series on Love <3

Let’s start here with an article presentation to Welcome you to Mandalaland!!

“Live Tour at the Seashell Castle”

Would you like to take a tour of my home gallery? Watch this video to discover my artwork and explanation of the symbols and colors:

“Cards and Crystals”

Presentation of my Crystals Family and the Mother Earth Mandala Oracle that recently received a Golden Award for Visionary Arts Products:

“Vision Board Workshop”

In January, we gathered at the Art See and Shop gallery for a Vision Board Workshop to open our creative channels and set our intentions for this year, but you can do it at any time. Actually, when you will be viewing it will be the perfect time! It took me 3 months to edit this video, but the fun part is that I could already see some of the parts manifesting, like an improvised trip to Mexico or my Chakana ring crossing dimensions while we were in front of the “Parallel Worlds” painting, can you believe this!? I will make a video one day to tell you the story. You can find more of my books and articles in the “We are One librairy”! In the meanwhile, here is a 35 minutes workshop video with a presentation of the Jax crew!! Our words create our reality, do you agree?


I have had some unbelievable experiences recently (I won’t tell you much cuz you won’t believe it anyways lol) about shapeshifting, remote viewing, time distortion and telepathy, but what I can share is how I work with colors to make each frame and art combination unique and energetic: