12 x 16 acrylic paint on canson paper

This freshly made mandala carries the celtic symbol of gratitude in the central circle. To me, gratitude is the first step towards abundance and awareness of the true gifts of life. Everyday, I feel so grateful for the priceless memories and people enlightening my journey. I feel thankful for the dreams coming true, and for the ones that fell through. I feel lucky to be alive and healthy, but not only. I feel like a giant soul in a tiny body. It does not always make life easy, yet reminding ourselves what really makes it count is one of the keys to access consciousness, accept and see… the beauty in all mysteries. The more we send this fulfilling energy to the universe, the more we will receive reasons to be grateful. Not just because a tiny girl said so… but… because it is the law. The law of attraction!

Thank YOU for your interest in my art!

If you wish to bring this gratitude talisman into your space and life, click on the link below:

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