Acrylic paint on Canvas board

24x30in (61x76cm) – $1111

Inti, in the Inca civilization, is one of the most important and powerful Gods: the Sun. The sun is the master of time and seasons, the father of nature and a strong symbol of light, wealth and power. This artwork is an amazing source of light and energy. It carries the colors of the 3 lower chakras as a channel of light grounding to Earth, as well as the number 13’s energy, with its 13 rays of light.

Please contact me or click below if you are interested in buying the original painting. The shipping and taxes are included in the price 😉 Prints are available too !!

Capture d’écran 2018-07-21 à 15.58.17.pngCapture d_écran 2018-07-21 à 15.20.08

Inti is also now available in all king of good accessories to bring some light to your home and life <3 Click on the image below to access the Redbubble (accessory) shop:

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