Acrylic paint on Canson paper

12x16in (30x40cm)

I have had this painting’s colors and message in my mind for a while, I just had to wait for the perfect time to bring it to life. As I am about to start a new adventure and move into an incredibly beautiful house, I had no choice than creating this abundance talisman and share its vibes with you. You are allowed to love beautiful things and, if you believe you can reach anything, they will be on their way to you faster than you can imagine. I like to call my dreams « memories from the future »… this way they are defined in my mind as « already happening on another timeline » and there is no space in there for doubt 😋. I hope this little tip will help you see the future with optimism and confidence, this is the key to follow the law… the law of attraction <3

Wishing you good day or good night, wherever you are.

The original painting, accessories AND prints are still available (scroll down):

Capture d’écran 2018-07-21 à 15.33.58.png       Capture d_écran 2018-07-21 à 15.21.04

Click on the image below to access Chic’s Redbubble Shop (accessory collection) 😉

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