Fifty Shades of Quartz

Fifty Shades of Quartz

Fifty Shades of Quartz is a tool for healers that carries the energy of pink quartz and labradorite in order to support them in their sessions. Quartz is beneficial for bringing a calming and comforting energy and labradorite is known as the healer’s gem. It protects the patients from the negative or released energies that can come out in a session.

Involving gems in the paint is a great experience. The water used to paint was charged by a heart of pink quartz, and a charismatic labradorite Buddha charged the painting itself during the entire process and guided me for the choice of colors.

The main symbol, the Triskelion, is a gate and the balance between three levels of life and consciousness that can be found in several Ancient civilizations like Celtics or Incas.

This painting is meant to create an energy flow, a calming and inspiring atmosphere in a room or anywhere your eyes would like to get lost and travel to other universes.

The original is sold but you the Triskel accessories Collection

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